Inclement weather procedures

Especially over the winter period, there is always the possibility that school may have to be closed because of inclement weather or other situations affecting health and safety. On these occasions, I or a member of the senior leadership team will carry out a risk assessment based on individual situations. For example, in bad snow, while many families can walk to school, all staff cannot because of where they live. If there are too few adults to provide a safe environment for the children, we need to close. Another example would be if our heating system and hot water was affected by freezing temperatures. Under these circumstances, the Local Authority is always consulted and the Chair of Governors involved in the decision – it is not one we take lightly. The majority of families are understanding and appreciate that decisions are made are in the best interest of safeguarding your children, however inconvenient this is for everyone else. Bearing in mind that all our new families are unaware of the procedures and routines for school closure, I have set out below what happens and how you find out that school is closed. We will also put any announcements on our school website – School Closures will also be able to view on the LA website under school closures section. Text messages will also be sent using our usual provider. In the event of the school being closed during the day, we will follow the above procedures as well as telephone parents/carers or other contact details for each child. Therefore, it is vital that any change of contact details are notified to the office in writing to keep our records up to date. Thank you for your co-operation.