Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

At St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School the Early Years consists of the Reception Class.  We have direct access to our outdoor classroom which we use every day, no matter the weather.  We are truly passionate about Play- based learning and this underpins everything that we do.  We balance the play based curriculum with focused activities, based on the children’s interests, ensuring that the needs of all the children are met.  We believe that links to home are crucial and want parents to be as involved in our school life as possible. We believe that creating a warm and happy environment is the key to success and that this truly leads to outstanding progress.  

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework there are 3 prime areas of learning –
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development

These prime areas build up the core for the rest of the profile and a good understanding of these is the basis for successful learning.

There are also 4 specific areas of learning –
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and design

Our children make great progress across the curriculum.  We encourage the children to use both the indoor and outdoor classroom.  We offer children opportunities which allow them to become confident learners, allowing them to explore their surroundings and giving them opportunities to develop critical thinking. 


We use Learning Journals to celebrate each child’s achievements no  matter how big or small.  These journals are the child’s personal journey throughout the Foundation Stage.  We value the input from parents and carers to a child’s learning journal through the use of WOW slips.  Please write these out as much as possible.  At the end of a child’s year in reception we report to the Local Authority using the Foundation Stage Profile.  Children are given a grade of Emerging (the child has not met expectations), Expected  (the child has met the expectations for the year) and Exceeding (the child has exceeded the expectations for the year).  Throughout the year we also use the Early Years Outcomes document,  to follow each child’s development throughout the year.


Links to Home

At the start of the year each child is provided with a Home School Diary.  In the Home School diary the staff from school will write any key learning points from the day, we also encourage parents to write in the diaries, providing a valuable home school link.  We also encourage parents to come into class and hold ‘Stay and Play’ sessions where parents can come into class and take a look at our learning journals.